Where Our Money Comes From

Trusts & Foundations 29%
Individual Donors 28%
Fundraising Events & Campaigns 22%
Corporates 9%
ISF Australia 8%
Income generation 3%
Schools 1%

Where Our Money Goes


Education Programme


Football Programme


Community Development

Reports & Finances

As the organisation continues to grow, it is increasingly important for us to ensure that we are transparent across the board from our finances to our programmes’ impact.

Our accounts are audited for The UK Charity Commission by external, UK-based firm PKF Francis Clark Chartered Accountants. We believe financial accountability is essential for our programmes as well as highly relevant to donors who need to see transparency in how we work.

We would like to share our most recent reports with you below :

ISF Impact Report 2019
Annual Report & Financial Statements 2019 (January-December)

Where our money goes:

For every $1 we receive in donations, 94c goes directly back into our programmes.

So, when you donate to ISF, you can be sure that your gift will have the greatest impact possible.

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