How your donations can make a difference:

  • US $15 – Can provide a student with breakfast and lunch (Monday-Saturday) for a month

  • US $35 – Can provide stationary and uniforms for one child for a year

  • US $100 – Can provide one family with monthly food parcels for a year, reducing the likelihood of children dropping out of school

  • US $170 – Can provide breakfast and lunch (Monday-Saturday) for one student for a year

  • US $500 – Can provide stationary and educational resources to one class for a year

  • US $1,600 – Can pay for one child’s education, healthcare, nutrition and play for one year

  • US $2,600 – Can pay a local teacher providing quality education to disadvantaged children for a year


Give a gift that lasts a lifetime
– an education.

Only 5% of youth in Cambodia are finishing high school. Your donation will offer more children the chance to complete a quality education and enjoy a childhood. You can make a difference, one child at a time.

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“I’m very happy to have the chance to study at ISF. When my parents told me that I was selected I cried because I was so excited. I always wanted to go to school but my parents couldn’t afford it”.

Tey - Catch-up student

“My mother used to go down into the drainage system next our house to pick the plants growing in the water for food. ISF’s monthly food parcels made a real difference in our family”.

Bunleng - University student

“The wages I receive for working as a part-time librarian at ISF helps towards my rent, my transport, my daily allowance and supporting my family”.

Thavy - Employment Support student

“At ISF, I was able to see a nurse and a dentist for the first time to get the treatment I needed. Now without my toothache, I’m happy to be able to concentrate in class”.

Sokha - State school student

Where our money goes:

For every $1 we receive in donations, 94c goes directly back into our programmes.

So, when you donate to ISF, you can be sure that your gift will have the greatest impact possible.

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