Making a difference,
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Who We Are

Our Vision: A society free from poverty and inequality.

Our Mission: To increase access to education, healthcare, and sport, enabling underprivileged children and their communities to lift themselves out of poverty.

Indochina Starfish Foundation (ISF) is a Cambodian charity with over 13 years of experience using education and sport to change lives.  In Cambodia, less than 5% of youth will finish high school. The poverty many children live in not only strips them of their childhood but it also means that they miss out on an education and vital life skills that are taught through peer interaction and play. Through our Education Programme, Football Programme and Community Development Projects we are supporting those most in need to build a brighter future.

Our Work


Our Catch-up Programme teaches two grades of the Khmer curriculum in one year. Once students reach the appropriate grade for their age, we  then support them to study at local state schools.

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Community Development

We work closely with communities where our students come from offering community and mobile libraries, vocational training, adult literacy courses, heath education, nutritional advice and support, and much more.

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Our award-winning Football Programme increases access to sports, builds life skills, and improves the quality of life for underprivileged youth in poor urban and rural communities across Cambodia.

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Proud Member of the ChildSafe Alliance

The ChildSafe Alliance’s objective is to significantly improve the quality and impact of services to marginalized children and youth and related groups through a network of effective global cooperation between members.

The Alliance is made up of ChildSafe Movement Agents (CMA) who are identified, trained, tested and monitored to effectively take action in protecting children from all forms of abuse. CMAs can be individuals, business, public authorities and organisations like ISF Cambodia.

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Our Funders and Supporters


Where our money goes:

For every $1 we receive in donations, 94c goes directly back into our programmes.

So, when you donate to ISF, you can be sure that your gift will have the greatest impact possible.

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