Ian Thompson Memorial ISF Boys’ Tournament 2019

Ian Thompson Memorial ISF Boys’ Tournament 2019

On Saturday, 9th March,  almost 500 young football players from around Cambodia travelled to the ISF Sports Ground in Phnom Penh to compete in the 12th annual ISF Boys’ Tournament, which saw teams travel up to seven hours each way to compete.

ISF’s Football Programme works directly with disadvantaged children who live in communities where poverty, social exclusion and lack of opportunity regularly lead to harmful behaviours. ISF provides opportunities for children to access their rights to play and education, promoting healthy life choices, equality and diversity, providing football training and competition opportunities for children and youth of all abilities and genders whilst developing social awareness, education, soft-skills, employability and leadership.

This year, ISF partnered with the Ian Thompson Memorial for the 6th year in a row, to run the Boys’ Tournament for Under 10 and Under 14 players. The U10 competition also included female players in girls’ teams and mixed teams. The event is often the highlight of the year for these young children who rarely get the chance to take part in competitive sport. Through participating in competitions, they gain vital skills such as determination, drive to succeed as well as developing resilience when they lose matches.  Moreover, this national tournament provides players with an opportunity to travel outside their immediate communities, learn and interact with peers from all across the country. The pride and excitement of being part of this competition is an unforgettable and inspirational experience for the players.

Results can be viewed here. For photos please visit the ISF Sports Ground Facebook Page.

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