Skills Exhibition for Career Development

Employment Support: PSE Skill Exhibition

On the 15th of March 2019, seven 12th grade students from ISF attended a skill exhibition at PSE. By attending this events the students:

  • Receive more information about different skills, so that it can help them decide their career pathway after grade 12.
  • Understand more about each skills offered at PSE and how they are applied in real life work.
  • Meet with the professional instructor and ask any questions they have on each skill they are interested.
  • The option they have after grade 12 exam (whether they pass or fail).

Building links with other nonprofit organisations such as PSE, is part of our commitment to and belief in collaboration to share knowledge and expertise that will benefit our students as much as possible. The trip was organised by our Employment Support team who are passionate about finding ways to increase our students’ employability skills to find them gainful employment when they finish their education.  ISF’s Employment Support currently engages 56 youth, 46% of whom are female, who are aged 14 years and upward.

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