Academic Results of Students at Chbar Ampov

Academic Results

Each year in September, our teachers in Chbar Ampov work together to evaluate their students’ academic level. The academic evaluations were based on their monthly study results in each subject: Khmer, Maths, Social Studies and Science.

We are delighted with the results of our 113 Catch Up students. Some 53 of them have received a score between 7-10 and 51 a score between 5-7. Only 9 students, those diagnosed with learning difficulties, scored below an incomplete (below 5).

tables student results

We use these results to see what students can move on to state school and which of our Catch Up students can move up one grade. In November, 50 of our Catch Up students will go to state school. 63 students remain at our Centre and will be joined by new students starting the programme for the first time.

54 of our ‘old’ Catch Up students will move up to the next grade at the start of the new school year. The 9 students, who were behind in their respective classes, will be provided with special support every weekend. For 8 hours they will get extra classes to build their academic foundation to reach the right grade for their age and be integrated into the state school on time.

We‘d like to take this opportunity to thank all of them for being such great students. And also, we are truly grateful to all the teachers and staff for all their hard work to help all ISF students to achieve such a great results.


Kong Seiha, Operations Manager Chbar Ampov