AIA-ISF Youth League – Promoting healthier lifestyles among players

Football coach Sok Ranya is delighted to see the AIA-ISF Youth League introduce healthier habits and choices to young Cambodian players.

Ranya coaches 58 children and young adults aged 10-22 years old of all abilities every week, providing social impact training and technical football skills. Many of her players participate in the AIA-ISF Youth League which she describes as crucial to the development of such skills as well as healthy relationships and healthy lifestyles. By competing in the league, her players are investing their time into football training which often prevents them from getting involved in drugs or other potentially dangerous or illegal activities. In their weekly training sessions, there is a social impact element that focuses on United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to address issues such as: gender equality, conflict prevention, health and wellness and other life skills. The coaches act as role models for the players and this is particularly significant when it comes to increasing female participation. Seeing female coaches can be a source of inspiration for girls wanting to break into sport attests Ranya.

As a twenty-something year old, Sok Ranya never dreamed she’d be trading in garment factory work for the football pitch