Community Development: Sewing classes offer new skills

Photo of woman sewing

Sinat, pictured above is currently enrolled in a sewing class, as part of ISF’s community development project. Sinat is 36 years old and married with three children. She moved from Prey Veng Province to live in Phnon Penh in 2006. Her husband works repairing bikes in a local shop and Sinat is a housewife. Unfortunately, my husband’s income is not a regular income – he receives US$ 2-8 per day depending on the number of bikes he repairs.

Her eldest son is 15 years old and he dropped out of school in grade 7 due their income being too little to support him. Her second son is 13 years old and is currently in grade 6 at state school. Her youngest child, her daughter, is 9 years old and is currently in ISF’s Catch-up Education Programme. She joined last year in grade 2.

ISF supports their family by providing monthly food parcels. One month when Sinat went to collect her package she was very happy to learn from our social workers that ISF were offering sewing classes to parents:

“I immediately wanted to join” she says. “So after meeting and discussing with the social workers, I joined the programme in January 2018. It’s been almost 6 months now since I joined. I attend classes for 6 hours every weekend.  I now know how to sew the students’ uniforms and how