English as a Way out of Poverty

Today, commemorating the birth of William Shakespeare, the world celebrates English language day. Here in Cambodia, English is more important and ever. As it integrates into a global society, English is widely used as the language for business, education and development and is an official language of ASEAN. For many Cambodians, the ability to speak English represents hope for a better future and a way out of poverty.

ISF supports all our students with a comprehensive English language programme. We’ve recently restructured the teaching for our youngest students to make sure each of them gets taught at the correct level. Our older students, those who have graduated from our fast-track Catch-Up programme and integrated into State Schools, are already well used to studying English each day. Our English programme staff is making more and more use of inventive teaching techniques to keep these older students engaged. Here are some of their stories.

These three students have studied at