World Peace Day: Conflict Resolution Through Football

To mark World Peace Day (21 September 2018), our coaches integrated a conflict resolution game into our recent community football festival held in Banteay Meanchey, a province in Cambodia’s northwest.

The game “Marta for Conflict Resolution, developed by Coaches Across Continents, is a high energy game, requiring quick thinking and problem solving skills. Six teams must line up, facing each other in a circle. Each player on the team has a different number from 1-6. When a player’s number is called, they should run around the front cone, continuing around their team and around the circle until they reach your starting position. There are several variations where coaches can add a ball, call out two numbers at the same time, and give instruction to pick up the ball at the same time. A lot of cheating arises in the game which calls for teachable moments such as teaching players the difference between cheating and making a mistake. The biggest take-away point for players is that in order to solve problems in life, they must communicate openly and work together.