Putting health and well-being into focus

When Ava* joined ISF Cambodia last year at the age of 11 years old she was underweight and her general health and well-being was unstable. Because of illness, she missed classes regularly. Concerned about her health and wellbeing, one ISF’s nurses identified undernutrition as the cause of her poor health and gave her vitamin pills to take everyday as well recommending she eat more vegetables if possible.

With regular check-ups and the cooperation of her parents, ISF’s nurses are pleased to report Ava’s nutrition greatly improved after just 6 months. Now she is feeling much stronger and her bouts of fever, headache and the common cold have reduced since starting her education at ISF. To ensure she is on the path to improved health and well-being, ISF’s nurses check her weight and height every six months.

Ava’s mother who works collecting rubbish and recycling for a small income, is thrilled to see the changes ISF have made in her daughter’s life. “I’m very happy to see my daughter gain some weight and look healthier – she’s always been a sick and skinny girl since she was about four years old” she tells us. Ava’s mother has never had enough money to be able to provide healthcare for her children or take her to the doctor. In fact, she rarely has enough money to pay the rent and buy food for the family.

Having the chance to go to school as well as receive healthcare and nutritional support is a dream come true for Ava and her mother. “My dream if for my daughter to have good health and a good education” she explains. At ISF we know that healthy, happy children do better in school and we’re delighted to be able to support our students with free healthcare, school meals and month food parcels for their families.

*Names of children under 18 have been changed