Education Programme Spotlight: Computer Classes at ISF

Computer class student

15-year-old  Punthea* joined ISF’s Education Programme in 2012 in grade 1 at the age of 9. Now she is in grade 7 in state school.

Punthea’s father is a taxi driver and construction worker and her mother is a housewife. She has three brothers and all of them are students. Before ISF, Punthea had never been to school before. She hopes that when she graduates, she’ll be able to earn a lot of money to help her family:

“My dad works so hard to support our family and I feel so sad to see him work so much” she says. “I’ve started taking computer lessons at ISF and have being taking these classes for about one year. I have learned a lot of computer skills so far such as Microsoft Word Excel, and PowerPoint. At the moment, I’m studying Internet Explorer and learning how to send and receive emails. I’m really interested in learning computer skills.

When I’m older, I’d like to work as a manager at a bank or an international company. I will use my salary to help my fathe