ISF’s students benefit from eye-care

ISF provides free healthcare to all students including dental check-ups and eye-care.

When 11-year-old Mony first started in ISF’s catch-up programme last year, she struggled to read, write and to even play outside in the sunshine. Every time she tried, her eyes pained her and she knew something wasn’t quite right. Mony described her symptoms to the school nurse who organized an eye-test immediately and earlier this year Mony received her very first pair of glasses.

“I’m so happy! I can read and write better and overall do my schoolwork so much faster. I don’t hesitate to do things, I feel like I am like my friends now, I can see and do everything they can” says Mony.

Mony’s mother, a garment factory worker in Stung Meanchey, is thrilled to see her only child’s ambition and drive in school and encourages her to wear her glasses every day. Mony’s improved performance in school and increase in confidence since getting her glasses has meant a lot to the family: “we’re both so thankful not just for my education but for this extra healthcare support”.

Now that Mony can see the words clearly on the page in front of her, and her eye pain has lessened, she counts reading as her favourite pastime. She’s set her sights on becoming a nurse when she grows up so that she help others like ISF’s nurse helped her.