New Students Going to State School

ISF students starting state school

The end of the Cambodian school year in September is an exciting time for many ISF students. Each year, staff evaluate the students’ academic level to see if they are ready to integrate into the state school and to ensure they are in the correct grade for their level at ISF’s centre. Those students who’s academic level matches that what is required for a student their age, get to ‘graduate’ from our Catch-Up programme and go to government-sponsored state school.

This year, 95 of our Catch-Up students were integrated into the local state schools from, 50 students from Chbar Ampov and 45 from Stung Meanchey. The students were very proud to go to state school, but also a little bit nervous. Chanty, aged 12 years will start Grade 5 in state school and said: “I was very happy to hear that I am graduating from Catch Up Education and integrating to the state school. But I was also a bit worried because I will study with other children who come from different living conditions. Teacher Seiha organised a meeting between new state school students and other ISF students that went to state school for the first time in 2013 and 2014. Some of older state school students shared their experiences at the state school with me that under supporting from state school director and teachers there, all the students get on well together and nice teachers as well. So I felt very comfortable and don’t worry anymore.”

Ms. Bunna ,the state school director said: “Since the first year ISF sent their students to continue their studies in my school, I have always felt that most of their students receive great results on their academic work and their attitude is also really good. All this means that our teachers really want ISF’s students to study in their class. Based on these results, I do appreciate the quality of Education at ISF. The achievement of these students is truly amazing, in view of where they come from. I have never felt hesitant to take on ISF students and also I am very pleased to continue our corporation with ISF to support all the poorest children living in this area”

To make sure our students get the best start at state school and have everything they need for the first day, ISF provides all students with their state school uniforms, new backpack and other study materials. While they are at State School, they can still rely on ISF for English and computer classes, daily breakfast and lunch, and the support of our nurses and social workers. This way, we makes sure every ISF students, whether in our own Education Centres or