Portrait of a Junior Coach

Sovath* was born in 1998 to a family of 4. He is from in Prey Veng province, where his mother still lives. His father died when Sovath was still young. His mother is too sick to take care of him and his brother, so he lives with his aunt in Kandal province. Every day, Sovath cycles for more than two hours to get to ISF and back from his home in Kandal.

Sovath is one of ISF’s junior coaches. He started playing football when he was 11 and has participated in ISF football programme since he was 12 because of his strong interest in the sports. In November 2013, he started his part-time coaching job while continuing to go to school.

ISF’s Football Programme staff strongly believes in Sovath’s talents as a football player and believe he is a real role model and inspiration to other players. With this in mind, ISF has tried to build his coaching capacity. He attended a two-day training course, organized by ISF, which gives him the skills equivalent to a D-licence coach. Sovath says: “I learned a lot from the football training at ISF, from the teaching and sharing of the senior coaches and their experience and how to use my own experience as well.”

In the future, Sovath wishes to become a top full-time football coach. To make his dream come true, he will try to learn from experienced coaches, attend more football courses and design his own training plans. Sovath: “ I’m so happy to be part of ISF and the football program. I have a lot of fun and joy from the programme and it gives me a chance to have a part-time job as well.”

* Names of children under 18 have been changed.