Ratannak’s journey to state school in Cambodia

Every October, ISF’s teachers organise final exams all the students in our Catch-up Education Programme to take evaluate their abilities and ascertain if they are ready to enter Cambodian state school. In 2018, we had 25 students from our Chbar Ampov Education Centre graduate from the programme and enter state school. We will continue to support these students as they progress through the state education system in Cambodia.

For Ratannak*, entering state school is something he never thought we be possible. Growing up, his mother’s job collecting rubbish and recyclables couldn’t cover the cost of school fees. Ratannak started school for the first time at the age of nine at ISF. In three years at ISF, he has went from Grade 1 to Grade 6 and is already doing very well in state school.

“I will study hard to get top results” he tells us, explaining that he wants to make the most of his opportunities and make his mother and his teachers proud. It’s safe to say that of us here at ISF are already very proud of him and what he’s achieved.


*Names of children under 18 have been changed