Vocational Training: Khanha’s Story

ISF’s Employment Programme provides students with the vocational training needed to find gainful employment in Cambodia.

Khanha was born in Kompong Cham province in eastern Cambodia but grew up in Phnom Penh for most of her life. ISF was just starting out when she joined the Education Programme back in 2009. ISF was her first experience of attending school, starting at at eight years old in grade one. Khanha did very well in school and passed the exams to enter state school in grade two.

She made it all the way to grade eight but unfortunately had to drop out at that stage. Her sister needed help with her salon and that took priority as there were a lot of mouths to feed in their home.  Khanha has five sisters and two brothers and they all shared a single room home with their parents. Her father is a taxi driver and my mother is a housewife. Sadly, her sister’s business didn’t work out and she had to close the shop which then left Khanha with very little opportunities. It was then that she joined the Employment Programme at ISF.

Khanha received culinary training in Khmer and Western cuisine and also drink mixing and barista training at the Food & Bevera