Vocational training is reducing school dropout rates

Eployment programme and state school student

Here at ISF, we find that one of the biggest challenges we face in education is high dropout rates. Only 5% of youth (aged 15-24) in Cambodia have completed their high school education. Many drop out due to pressures to earn an income and other familial commitments.

In an attempt to respond to the needs of our students and to address this problem, we’re developing an Employment Programme to offer students  support and guidance. Our programme aims to educate students on the benefits of completing their education and to offer them opportunities to gain new skills to help them find gainful employment.

Vasson* joined ISF’s Catch-up Education Programme in 2013, to study grade 1 at the age of 11. Now, he is 17 years old and studying in grade 8 at high school.

His family moved to Phnom Penh in 2010. Before joining ISF, he had never gone to school. There are eight members in his family and his mother had to take care of them all on her own. Vasson’s two eldest brothers are living in Preah Vihea Province and the rest of his siblings are here in Phnom Penh.

Vasson recently told us a little bit more about the impact ISF’s programmes have had on his life to date:

“Two of my brothers are also students here at ISF and other three have nev