Rachana Benefits from Food Parcels

Rachana Benefits from Food Parcels

Life was a struggle for *Rachana’s family before they started receiving monthly food parcels from ISF. She and her mother moved to Phnom Penh from their hometown, Svay Rieng in 2013. They soon settled into a life of ongoing scarcity while her mother earned only about $150 per month. Half of that went to rent and utilities; the remainder was carefully divided into smaller budgets for food and family. During these difficult times, Rachana’s education fell by the wayside. 

Though her mother was the only one earning an income, she was adamant in not asking her daughter to work to help provide money to the family. Instead, she told her to study at home because she recognised that education was a pathway to a better life. 

Since 2018, Rachana has been studying at ISF. The 12-year-old has graduated from our Catch-Up Programme and now studies grade six in a local primary school. While she remains in our holistic education programme, her family is entitled to monthly food parcels containing rice, cooking materials and canned goods. This $10 parcel has helped ease the financial difficulties Rachana’s family faced. Now her mother is able to build savings and buy school materials for Rachana. Most importantly now, during the Coronavirus pandemic, she also has reserves for medical expenses when necessary.

ISF food parcels transformed Rachana’s family’s life. Without them, the young student sees herself having to quit school to work and her mother’s hope for a better life would have been in vain. Help us continue to deliver rays of hope to Rachana’s family and the hundreds of others we support by donating a food parcel today.

*names of children under 18 have been changed to protect their privacy