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See Our Latest Trustees’ Statement

At ISF, it is incredibly important to us to build trust with our donors and in the wider nonprofit community. The bedrock of building that trust is through transparency. Along with releasing our annual Impact Report, we also publish full statements revealing the status of our financial situation. Our 2019 Trustees Report and Audited Accounts is now available for review.

Along with a detailed overview of our most recent financial status, this report covers our current programmes and plans for the future. See some of the highlights of our operations below:

  • Both our schools and the Football Programme have been suspended by government decree to combat the spread of COVID-19.
  • Since the inception of the pandemic, ISF has spread health and hygiene knowledge via workshops and education materials. 
  • Community outreach staff also maintain contact with community members through regular meetings to understand the impact of COVID-19 on their lives. 
  • ISF has provided students with tablets that are able to access to the internet for online learning and made extensive use of the community and mobile libraries to provide teaching assignments to students without.
  • Food parcels continue to be delivered to families on a monthly basis, with an extra stipend of rice and canned goods included to make up for missed school meals. 
  • This uncertainty of when schools will reopen, together with the need to save costs in the face of a decline in donations, has forced the difficult decision to suspend admissions to our two schools for the 2020/21 academic year. All other programmes will however continue as normal.
  • Our reduced operation has enabled us to achieve certain cost savings and in response to these challenging times, we have actively managed our finances including adopting a revised budget for this year to reduce our cost base.
  • We will continue to be prudent in managing  our financial and reserve position whilst we also continue to seek new and diversified funding avenues to support our operations.

The Full Report

You’ve just read a snapshot of some of the life-changing projects ISF is maintaining in Cambodia to help underprivileged families weather the pandemic. Download our full report to find out more about our programme, along with specific financial allocations and reserves.